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Your garage door can do with a lick of paint and these useful painting tips are easy to follow and make your garage look new again. Read these tips and come back for more! Learn how to keep your garage doors in great condition and how to ensure safety for your family.

  • Check the motor unit if the opener makes grinding sounds but does not open the door.

    These sounds typically indicate that the moving gear connecting the motor to the drive has broken. In this case, the motor works, but the gear does not spin, so the drive does not move to initiate door opening. You must turn off the device and refrain from using it until the broken component is replaced with a new one.

  • Securing garage door springs

    When doing this, our technicians from Garage Door Repair Auburn disconnect the power from the opener and reconnect it once the process is complete. Be careful while handling it to avoid injuries. Do not touch the winding cones and do not grab springs right away. It is best to let our professionals handle it.

  • Don't leave the door slightly open

    When the garage door is slightly open, there's certainly a gap in your security. It's also important to be extra careful when you re-activate the garage door opener. The door might go downwards and someone could be hurt if standing under the door. Also make sure the sensors are working fine and don't allow objects under the door.

  • Keep your Garage Door Information Easily Accessible

    Keep your garage door key, access code, and manual all in the same drawer in your home so you or your family can use it at any time and reference back to it if any of these things are forgotten.

  • Fill gaps and crack before painting a wooden garage door

    To make sure that the garage door paints are properly maintained on wooden garage doors, it cracks or gaps on the surface should be properly checked before starting painting the whole structure. Imperfections as cracks can cause the paints to wear easily. Hence, caulking them is very important to properly maintain it.

  • Always perform weather stripping

    As explained by professionals at Garage Door Repair Auburn, a regular schedule for weather stripping on the sides and the lower portion of the door should be done. Materials are available at supply warehouses or stores that sell items for weather stripping. Weather stripping prevents undue wearing on  your garage door.

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