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This page is full of garage door repair FAQs. Get your answers from the people who know best.

  • Q: Why perpetrators prefer garage doors?

    A: There are two basic reasons for that. First, they try to take advantage of the big size of garage doors thinking they will find a weak spot. Second, they know that many homeowners neglect garage door repair and, thus, the system could be more vulnerable. If bottom seal is missing, they can easily use their tools to lift the door. That's why securing garage doors in Auburn is important.

  • Q: What should I look for in a safe garage door?

    A: It is important to install something safe in your home and a garage door is one of the largest, if not the biggest, moving object in the house. It is advised to choose a brand that is made with a safety system that improves the total safety of your home. These safety features should give you tamper resistant components and pinch protection sections, just to name a few. Read the DASMA/Door and Access Systems Manufacturer’s Association’s garage door safety guidelines.

  • Q: What do we expect from openers in the future?

    A: The great development of garage door openers has made the difference to the accuracy with which garage doors work today and the safety they provide. Specialists at Garage Door Repair Auburn say that manufacturers will surprise us in the future with openers, which would have more safety features and be activated with your voice. Some doors already open by distance via computers and smartphones. In the future, clickers will be a part of the past.

  • Q: How can I fix the scratched paint on my garage door?

    A: If your garage door is scratched or has cracks on it, it should be caulked first or filled with a caulking material to smooth out the surface and remove imperfection before painting the whole structure. Hence, removing imperfections first before redoing the paint will create a high quality effect on your garage door. Experts at Garage Door Repair Auburn will recommend the best option for this situation.

  • Q: What is the best garage door opener to get?

    A: This depends on the factors you consider to be important for your home. If you are considering the power usage, this can be determined through the size of your door. If you have a two-car garage door, a ½ horsepower garage door opener would be appropriate. For heavier doors like carriage doors, a ¾ horsepower opener is better. It is also best to note that price differences are not significant.

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