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Garage door problems are common, owing to general wear and tear over a period of time. With that said, they do not have to be immediately replaced. Garage door technology has progressed immensely over the last few decades and we at Garage Door Repair Auburn have the knowledge and expertise to solve any problem. You can own any type of door ranging from vinyl, steel, wood or custom made ones; we are fully equipped with the tools that are essential to fix any door type.

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Our repair solutions are comprehensive and your safety is our top priority. Preventative maintenance is the key as you certainly do not want the door to stop functioning at a time when you least expect it. Further maintaining a garage door is complex as there are over 300 moving parts that cannot be done by just about anyone. Our expert Garage Door Repair Auburn team is well trained to test each part and ensure that they function properly. This makes sure that the door remains operational for a long time and you also do not have to spend extra on unexpected repairs.

We also offer a range of tune up and diagnostic services like tightening bolts and screws, rebalancing the door by adjusting spring tension, lubricating rollers, hinges, door opener sprocket and chain and inspecting components like door sections and weather seal among others. Safety is an important factor while repairing garage doors, as the hardware including springs and cables are under constant tension and they should be repaired or fixed only by experienced professionals like us.

Springs are another important component that can easily break due to temperature variations, wear and tear, improper maintenance or incorrect repair. A broken spring brings a lot of inconvenience as they cause the door to make a loud noise or may suddenly give way and fall on somebody, if they happen to stand near the door. Our professionals can easily fix these broken springs in no time so that the door starts functioning normally and you are not left stranded with an open garage in the middle of the night or when you’re just about to head out. 

Addressing all types of problems concerning garage doors.

With Garage Door Repair Auburn you can be assured of getting real value of money on your repair investment. You are always offered fast, reliable top-notch services by experts who are well-trained.

So give us a call as we're always happy to help right away.

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